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VMU folklore ensemble LINAGO

LINAGO was established in 1991. The period of the Independence restoration was the time to search one’s roots and national identity. For the university, which propagated the pre-war succession, both national song and dance were especially important. From the very beginning of the ensemble, everyone had a notion that ethnography and folklore cannot be taken as something old, only worthy for its historical perspective and only useful for the stage. Having dialogue with the folklore, opens an opportunity to create more harmonious world and form national identity.

Linago attempts to organize as many journeys around Lithuania as they can in order to know the country better. Linago has visited Lithuanian and Kaliningrad’s castles, Polish mounds and barrows, and outstanding monuments of archeological, ecclesiastical art, historical, ethnographical and cultural heritage. The ensemble also participates in the old Lithuanian celebrations organized outdoors: Užgavėnės, Jurginės, Rasos and Vėlinės.

Linago attends in many events (about 30 – 50). The ensemble attends in VDU community events, city’s celebrations. From 1993, the ensemble has been the member of all Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebrations, and Baltica folklore festivals. In 1999, Linago participated in Baltic students’ festival “Gaudeamus” (director L. Proškutė). The ensemble also attended in Latvia, Kaliningrad, Poland, Czechia, France, Italy, and Luxemburg. Linago organizes integrated projects together with Ryga’s folklore ensemble Dandari. These projects include: folklore dance festival Pa Peteram and other integrated projects intended to indicate the Balts’ Unity Day and Latvia’s Independence Day. In 2010 July, Linago participated in folklore festival PODLASKA OKTAVA KULTUR (Poland). The ensemble is always invited to attend in various Lithuanian, Kaunas and university’s cultural celebrations, various folklore festivals, and Lithuanian song celebrations. Linago plans and attends in creative folklore camps organized by other institutions. Linago also organizes folklorist expeditions.

Linago is not only an ensemble, it is more a community. The members of this community socialize even after the rehearsals and studies. There are also many former members who are already married. Even now they are close friends, go to each other’s family celebrations, and help solving various life problems. Most of their children attend music and art schools.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17.00 – 21.00 are general rehearsals. (Songs, dances and instrumental music). Directors: L. Proškutė, L. Lukenskienė, G. Aučinikas. Where: 101 class, Vytautas av. 71, Kaunas.


Common e-mail: linago.vdu@gmail.com

Laima Proškutė
Mob. ph.:+370 620 97320, e-mail:  alaima@mc.vdu.lt

Andrius Morkūnas
Mob. ph.: +370 682 27282, e-mail: a.morkunas@mc.vdu.lt

Gytis Aučinikas
Mob. ph.: +370 672 20800